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the healing power of water ...

Kneippen at the Sperrtental: Only 10 km away from the hotel...at the nature reserve Spertental you will not only discover the most beautiful hiking trails throughout Kirchberg, but since Summer 2004 also one of the most famous excursion tips in the valley, the Kneipp area Aschau!

This new Kneipp area in Aschau was errected next to the children's playground "Zwiesel", since numerous hiking trails start and end there. Just try it after a challenging tour... the Kneipp water Aschau refreshes tired feet immediately!

A great additional offer is the "Kneipp area for children", which can be found right at the playground next to the overall Kneipp area! Thus, also children can enjoy the refreshing water and have fun!

Let´s go to the Kneipp area Aschau!

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